OppoSuits Attract

[Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by OppoSuits. The following product was sent in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. Click here to view my disclosure policy.]

Being on a blog titled The Haunted Housewife while simultaneously being greeted with pastel hues may be unusual. Fitting in has never been my strong suit; but I’ve found that standing out is much more exciting with OppoSuits. 

You can’t blame me for that introduction. An opportunity was there, and I nailed it. It’s been an absolute pleasure bamboozling you. 🎩🌂

The Big Idea

Perhaps I spent too many sleepless nights thinking about this, that and the other. Maybe I gravitate towards abnormality because simplicity just doesn’t thrill me anymore. Blending in never got me anywhere, and when you consider that you are reading these words because I didn’t let society water me down, that’s pretty special. ✨

Brands that seize a person’s individuality will always have my unwavering support. OppoSuits understands that your beaming personality will shine through the clothes you wear. The prints they offer are quite literally jaw-dropping, and only the lionhearted dare wear them. These untamed souls are the black sheep.

You Don’t Know Jack

The humanoid form you see in the photos is currently carving out his own space on the internet for his bizarre stories, thoughts, and tales of terror. You’ll be hearing a lot more from him soon, and his name isn’t Jack. 🎃

There are certain individuals that just strike you as different, or in this case otherworldly. For a long time, I’ve felt that I may be from another planet. I strongly suspect that he may be, too. This brave model of mine wrestled the OppoSuit out of the box, tamed it and put it on. You can call him Rob Quest.

The Black Sheep

Black sheep were never meant to blend in; the world needs to see what you have to offer. Let your personality light a path in the darkness, and stand out when every road looks the same.

Please, if you have that peculiar itch to go in your own direction: go. The other misfits need you. Guide them to your safe harbor, let them know they’re not alone. You know what they say: if you can’t see the light, be it.

Speaking of Fitting In…

…you’re not going to need a fitting with these suits, just follow the guide. Wham! Bamboozled again. 🎩🌂 Fierce, suit-wrestling warrior Rob Quest is wearing OppoSuits Blacko-Jacko. Rob has informed me that once tamed, the suit does not bite. The Jack O’ Lanterns will appear more lifelike and glow by candlelight if you take the suit to a witch to have a spell cast upon it. This only works on Halloween night, however. 🎃 ✨

OppoSuits brand suits come with the pants, jacket and tie. Rob Quest mentioned that his OppoSuit was “…pajama comfy,” but we don’t suggest you sleep in them unless that’s your style. Now that I mention style, there are boat loads to choose from on their website.  🎩🌂  Whatever you do, be you and do whatever sets your heart on fire. You can catch OppoSuits in action on Facebook and Instagram.

Model: Rob Quest

Photographer: Cactusbeans

Photo Edits: The Haunted Housewife

The Haunted Housewife: OppoSuits Attract. Here's a great piece of advice for all of you youngsters trying to carve out your own spaces in the world.