Designer Perfume Knock-Offs!

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I was strolling through Big Lots the other day and I noticed they had quite a few extremely cheap versions of popular perfumes and colognes. Perfume knock-offs are quite popular in discount stores, have you ever picked any up?

My husband and I love fragrances, and these were super inexpensive so we picked up a few to try. The one I noticed first was called Sunday, which is a dupe of Justin Bieber’s Someday — that made me laugh a little harder than I should have so let me start with that one.

The Lineup Of Perfume Knock-Offs


The knock-off, Sunday, on the left. Someday, the original, on the right.

Sunday, by Solo Fragrances (an impression of Justin Bieber’s Someday) – the packaging on this one was laughable, I absolutely hated the plastic top. The bottle is much bigger than the original version. The liquid seems to be the same color. This one smelled strongly of alcohol when I sprayed it though, but behind the alcohol scent (which fades as the alcohol evaporates) it smells pretty. Lightly floral. It smells more like Marc Jacobs Daisy than Someday. They are comparable, but Someday is prettier and just smells right if you know what I mean. Someday is also just a tad bit more fruity.


Pink Dusk, by Preferred Fragrance (an impression of Viva La Juicy Noir) – Once again, big bottle. As far as appearance, this one is a little similar to Viva La Juicy but the top is off by a lot. It was also lacking the big bow that can be found on Viva La Juicy (apparently, it was supposed to come with a bow but mine didn’t). Pink Dusk has the woody, floral and a little bit of the fruity elements that Viva La Juicy has. But there is something about it that I do not like; something that I find in a lot of cheap perfumes. It smells cheap, and sort of smells like beer breath if that makes any sense at all. If I hadn’t smelled Viva La Juicy, this wouldn’t have bothered me much. But I have, and it does.

Red wine, cheap perfume and a filthy pout. — Lady Gaga


Touch Popular, by Preferred Fragrance (an impression of Coach Poppy) – The packaging is similar to the original but much larger. The logo isn’t recessed like the original, and the cap has no designs on it. It came with a bow but it wasn’t on very good so it fell off.

This one I was really pleased with. It is definitely something I can wear as a standalone fragrance and not because it’s supposed to smell like Coach Poppy. Now does it smell like the original? Nope. Not even a little bit. Touch Popular smells powdery, feminine, and floral. The Coach Poppy smells much fruitier, with much more citrus. The Coach Poppy smells powdery to a certain extent, but Touch Popular smells delightful on it’s own and is much more powdery. These really are two completely different scents here; but if you like Coach Poppy you’ll probably appreciate Touch Popular on it’s own.

Aqua H20, by Preferred Fragrance (an impression of Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani) – this one, by far, smells and looks most like the original. My husband’s favorite cologne is Aqua Di Gio but we’ve noticed it’s starting to get much more expensive. He’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on a good deal, so he’s been out of it for about a year. This one is off by just a sliver, but if cost is an issue for you, you should check this one out. Smells almost exactly like the original, and the bottle is huge!

In conclusion, grab the designer perfume knock-offs in you’re wanting a cheap thrill. If you’re expecting quality, splurge on the name brand version.  There’s no telling what you’ll end up with! Yet, it was fun to pretend I’m a fragrance connoisseur nonetheless. 😉


February 17, 2015