Pier One Halloween ’17

[Disclaimer: Please keep in mind any sales or discounts you see in the photos may not be valid due to the date these photos were taken. The stores in your area may carry different items, and they may stock their Halloween merchandise at different times. To see what I found in stores last year, click here.]

Pier One is one of those stores I go into only once a year. That trip usually happens during Halloween season, mostly for you, to get these pictures. Pier One has just never really been my scene, and I’ve never bought anything from there, ever!

But I must say, this year there are a couple of things I really liked. I’ll tell you which ones when we get there!

Fall Decor Vs. Halloween Decor

Pier One has a lot more fall decor than Halloween decor. It’s the Halloween decor that rustles my jimmies, though, but there isn’t much.

However, if fall decor is your thang I suggest you drool all over it in person because there is plenty!

Diggin’ the Doormat

The bat doormat is something I really liked because it has that I’m-Halloween-obsessed-low-key-but-I-am-still-a-wonderful-neighbor vibe. The subtle suburban goth mom would totally have this on her front porch.

Haunted Housewife

Back when I first started The Haunted Housewife, I really did do the traditional housewife thing. I wore a classic horror apron, and took excellent care of my Kitchenaid stand mixer as I baked the weeks treats. These aprons remind me a lot of my own because they’re the exact same shape and style. Plus, they’re freakin’ Halloween aprons. 🎃

The kitchen wasn’t my “happy place”, and I truly don’t enjoy cooking or baking. None of that seemed to matter though because I loved who I was cooking for, and it was fun finding tofu recipes that didn’t suck.

These days, I’m divorced and I don’t cook anything for anybody and I’m happy as a clam about that! Each side has it’s perks, and I’m flexible. 😎✨


Those Mermaid Pillows, and My Questions

The mermaid pillows with all the sequins are so fun to touch and play with; they can keep me busy for several minutes. Let me ruin everything with some questions: how many other hands have touched these very same pillows? Can you even wash them? Are they even comfortable as pillows? Will I find sequins everywhere? Needless to say, I still haven’t actually bought one. I talk myself out of it every time.

Besides the suburban goth mom doormats, the spooky artwork, the aprons and the mermaid pillows, Pier One also has a bunch of Halloween ornaments for your trees!

Pier One may have a smaller Halloween decor section than most stores, but they do have some decent things. As I said in the beginning of the post, if fall decor is your thing… you’ll be in heaven once you step foot into the store. 🍂

October 21, 2017