Spirit Halloween ’16 

This past weekend, I took a few minutes out of my day to peruse one of my local Spirit Halloween stores for the first time this season. I’ve been anxiously awaiting opening day, and I got so busy that I completely missed it. I should lecture myself.

Eighty-percent of Spirit Halloween is costumes, but my primary focus is on home decor that I can keep up all year round. I decided to skip pictures of the costumes completely. Here’s what I found!

Side note: I applied for a seasonal job there and they didn’t even call me! Bummer! 😉

I love zombie and danger/bio-hazard/infected area signs! I put them in my kitchen… just to keep people away from my snacks. Just kidding! They’re decor pieces!

Okay, I said I skipped the costumes… but this bat costume was too adorable!

Party favors definitely don’t count as home decor, but I like using them in props for photographs, and DIY’s.

I am in love with the “Hotel” theme. It reminds me so much of American Horror Story: Hotel. That was probably the feel they were going for!

Those pumpkin pails are ceramic!

I don’t have that big of a wishlist for Spirit Halloween this year; but I’m interested in the Ouija printed stuff! I’ve had numerous spirit boards through the years, and I love that they’re being made in the old style. I want to get my hands on a legitimate vintage board, and I’m hoping to get lucky finding one at Goodwill one day.

I’ll be posting about World Market later on this week; and they’ve got a spirit board I’ve never seen before! It might be time start a collection of them 🙂


September 8, 2016