Target Halloween ’17

[Disclaimer: Please keep in mind any sales or discounts you see in the photos may not be valid due to the date these photos were taken. The stores in your area may carry different items, and they may stock their Halloween merchandise at different times. To see what I found in stores last year, click here.]

Oh, Target. This store almost got skipped altogether because it was absolutely destroyed every time I went in there for pictures. You’ll see what I mean, but I suppose since this specific store and I have so much history it deserves a Halloween post, too.

Did you know their mascot is a bull terrier named Bullseye? His name used to be Spot, though. As for the history I mentioned a moment ago, see if you can “spot” it at the tail end of this post.  Damn I’m good. 😉  

One Spot: The Dollar Spot

Nonsense is purchased here, frequently. In my defense, it’s darn good, high-quality nonsense and I regret nothing.

The Real Halloween Section

You may see the occasional garbage item or cardboard box in these photos. Also, ignore the disarray… people behave like absolute animals on the weekend, in a Target, during Spooky Season. Which I understand completely of course, being a Halloween princess and all.

However, I wasn’t raised by werewolves and I tend to leave stores cleaner than how I found them because I understand the Retail Struggle. Please, treat your stores and their employees right.


The spiked pumpkins are so very punk rock. I’m really leaning towards getting a couple for photo props and such; and you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to call them punkins. Oi, oi, oi! No?

An Itch Unscratched

Seeing Target this Halloween has left me feeling a bit strange. Target is usually one of the first stores I post about for Halloween, but this time it’s the last. Their Halloween collection is just so good they can’t keep it stocked long enough for me to take pictures of it.

I live in an itty bitty city, and this is the only Target around. Except that my city isn’t itty bitty, and we have six Walmarts I can reach in under 20 minutes.

While I worry about the fate of my beloved Target as a company, you should check out their Halloween collection on their website because there was a ton of items I couldn’t grab a picture of.  ğŸŽƒ


October 16, 2017