The Universe Knows

The Haunted Housewife -The Universe Knows

A blogger’s life isn’t always how it seems.


I know I’m inside a box… but I prefer to think outside of it.

I don’t possess the ability to speak this eloquently in person, and my train of thought is more like a trainwreck. I’ve got a dizzying amount of ideas that will hit me throughout the day, it takes an army to keep me focused. By army I mean the clipboards, lists of goals, checklists, not one but two planners — needless to say, I’m not as organized as I appear. I’ve got to be self-motivated and disciplined when I’d honestly rather be napping.

I spend hours writing a post you may read in 3 minutes. I’m an assumed pro at typing words to you on your computer screen, but behind the scenes, I’m trying to resurrect as much of my English teacher’s curriculum as I can to make it work.  I really should have paid attention in class; I half-assed so many essays at midnight and somehow pulled through with an A+. The lucky stars have gifted me the ability to write and not completely suck at it.

When it comes to life, we spin our own yarn, and where we end up is really, in fact, where we always intended to be. — Julia Glass, Three Junes

An artifact: My first camera

The photos I take for my blog look effortless but require: planning, special equipment, and lighting. Photography skills I learned slowly over the course of two years with trial and error. I wasn’t bad but I got better. Photography wasn’t my first love, Halloween was… but a blog is pieced together by many things. I’ve always had some type of  camera–I thank my dad for that. I’ve always been a little perfectionistic with photos (and yes, I just made a word appear out of thin air to suit my needs).   I looked at the pictures in my dad’s photography books before I could even read. As a 1931496_1107925066421_6112679_ntoddler, my dad would follow me around with a camcorder and annoy the ever-living fuck out of me. Being in my presence almost guarantees you’ll be on some photos or even a video video, at some point. Except this time, it’s me behind the camera. Like father like daughter.


The only picture in which you can see my family’s IBM 5150.

I have been a computer nerd since my parents lugged home an IBM from god-knows-where circa 1994. WebTV (remember those?) wasn’t doing it for my dad and I, so eventually we got a computer with internet access. I built my first website on Geocities in 8th grade! My friends didn’t understand but I was proud of myself.  I love web design and I love working with code. I’m not a professional by any means but I dabble enough to suit my needs and to assist my friends when they need me. If there’s a problem, give me some time and I’ll figure it out.When I look back at certain key points of my life, and everything that led me here, it feels as if these steps were paved ahead of me the entire time. Growing up alone with time to think, the craving to wander and push the limits, the interest in computers and code in 8th grade, and writing essays so effortlessly the teacher’s would pull me aside to suggest my college major several years before even being able to set foot into college. Being enough of a type A to be somewhat organized. The cameras, the photos.
The stars have aligned bit by bit, and they’ve led me to blogging. This blog, that encompasses all my interests, hobbies and skills. I love every piece that goes into doing this– I’d do it over and again, for free.

Your passion, your purpose has been right in front of you the entire time. The pieces fit, you’ve just gotta put them together to see the whole picture.   Thank you for reading 🙂



June 17, 2016