Trying Out Nip + Fab

[Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Nip + Fab via Collectively. The following products were sent complimentary in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  Click here to view my disclosure policy.]

Recently, I took a vacation from life and skincare quickly became my new obsession. Nip + Fab is a skincare brand I had heard of, but not seen all too often in stores. The opportunity to experience Nip + Fab products fell into my lap during my little hiatus, which was the perfect time if you ask me. Collectively along with Nip + Fab sent a group of lucky bloggers a few goodies to play with and review. 🤗

The striking colors, the bold font and the name of the products on their website caught my attention: viper venom, bee sting and dragon’s blood…!!   You have my attention! Are you referencing my winter reptilian skin?  🐍

You’re on my blog. You’ve seen my style. Heck, you may even know me personally. Some can describe my style as a bit… edgy. Viper venom, bee sting, dragon’s blood, and a hint of danger? Sign me up! Sounds like we’re in for a thrill, folks.

Glycolic Instant Fix Mask

The first product I decided to try was the Glycolic Instant Fix Mask. The magic ingredient in this baby is the glycolic acid, and it promises to:

  • refine skin texture
  • smooth appearance of wrinkles
  • brighten and even skin tone
  • reduce shine and appearance of pores

Helpful hints are always welcome, so before I drowned myself in it I perused the reviews on their website. There were a couple of comments regarding how powerful the mask was, and to do a patch test prior to slathering it all over your face. Apparently, it left some peoples’ faces red and feeling sun burnt.

Besides being a rebel without a cause (😎), I do some pretty tough treatments quite regularly so I decided to nix the patch test. However, I did follow the instructions exactly and left the mask on for just 10 minutes. Afterwards, I rinsed it off with lukewarm water and patted dry. It went off without a hitch: no redness, no irritation.

My face was a little bit brighter, matte, soft and smooth to the touch. Not shockingly so–I wouldn’t call this a miracle mask or an “instant” fix. With regular use, though, the Glycolic Instant Fix mask has the potential to slowly chip away at acne scars and wrinkles. It’s definitely something I’m going to keep in my beauty routine, because I appreciate the exfoliating effects of glycolic acid.

While I didn’t get my hands on any dragon’s blood or bee sting products, we did get a couple viper venom items.

Viper Venom Blurring Shot

The name for this one had me hooked–Viper Venom Blurring Shot. This is a blurring gel you add to your day or night serum to achieve a smoothing effect. Much like a soft focus filter–it conceals your imperfections.

You’ve also got the option to use it on it’s own for a more concentrated effect. This promises to:

  • smooth and soften
  • provide an instant matte photo finish look
  • provide an immediate tightening effect

The first time I used it, I applied it to my face directly and I didn’t get it. Nothing happened.

Take 2: adding it to my vitamin C serum that I apply overnight. No changes immediately after, 20 minutes later nor in the morning. Nada.

Everything deserves a fair chance, so I opted to experiment and read reviews. If all else fails, maybe it’s just not compatible with my face. I’ll find a human guinea pig or two to conduct some experiments on. 👩🏼‍🔬

Viper Venom Micro Blur

The best is always saved for last, and this is the one item that shocked me in a matter of seconds. Not literally–although, that sounds like fun… (something like that would also fit in with their brand, no? Viper venom, bee stings, a little electric shock. 😉 )

The Viper Venom Micro Blur is a priming gel that you apply starting at the center of your face, outward. It promises to:

  • prime and mattify skin
  • reduce the appearance of pores
  • give a soft focus effect

This can be used with or without makeup. Either way, it’s supposed to make your skin look flawless. Even more so if you apply makeup over it. The first day I used it, I was just experimenting and wasn’t wearing any makeup. After applying it per the instructions, I went outside for a minute I came back in to a literal flawless complexion.

Coming from somebody whose pores are so dramatic they look like freckles (!!!), this was a big deal. Prior to going outside those moments before, I was even a little grumpy. Once I saw my poreless reflection? Grumpiness: GONE.

Nip + Fab: It Ain’t Snake Oil

While I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of the Viper Venom Blurring Shot (this is on ongoing experiment 🤓), the mask has earned it’s place in my weekly routine and the priming gel I’m using every time I put on makeup. Win.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about Nip + Fab, and to fall in love with a couple of their products. You can get Nip + Fab at CVS Pharmacy and at Ulta Beauty!

If you have any recommendations at all for Nip + Fab products, or maybe any ideas on how to use the Blurring Shot, let me know in the comments! If I’ve entertained or inspired you at all, be sure to say hi! 😊


  • I have not heard of this brand. I enjoy finding new products to try to find what works for me and make sure my skin care is the best it could be!

    • It’s worth trying out! I need to try their other stuff, like the dragons blood and bee sting products haha! 🙂

  • Hannah Palamara

    I’m so glad to see your review of this brand! I have also heard of it but haven’t tried anything yet. I’m definitely more willing to buy it now and give it a try!

  • Lauren

    You’re so fun to read! I love that you’re a daredevil and willing to try new things! I’m a coward ☺️ I’m definitely interested in that last product!

  • Oh wow those are some interesting products from Nip + Fab. I’d love to try the Glycolic Instant Fix Mask for blurring my pores…sounds great.

  • Oooh, nice. Plus the names are super cool… I’ll have to check these out.

  • I love the names of these products too! I need to try out that primer. 🙂