If you’re anything like me (which, you probably are, if you’re here), it’s challenging to decorate with normal (read: socially acceptable) accents. We’re attracted to weird odds and ends, and enjoy letting our personality shine through our decor. I’ve been working on my backyard this spring and summer. By working, I mean, planning because it still pretty much looks the same. I’m creating my plan of attack, and have been looking around for planters small and large to decorate my home and garden. Here are some of my favorite finds!

Found at ETHomeAndGarden on Etsy

Doll Head Planter – there are some folks that find dolls and doll heads creepy. I am not one of those people, but I will take every opportunity I can to make somebody uncomfortable in my home to watch them squirm. Muahahaha. These are available in different sizes from ETHomeAndGarden on etsy.

il_570xN.780325052_mafdSteampunk Doll Head planter – same general idea with a unique steampunk twist. This one is made and sold by SueSueSueCrafts on Etsy.


Gargoyle head planter – I’m a gargoyle girl. I have several 92474_maingargoyle statues in my home as decoration and we even made a pair of gargoyle stocking hangers. I crave them like vampires crave blood; totally need this baby in my garden. This can be found\ at Grandin Road. [They’re no longer for sale there]

92476_mainGrandin Road also has an awesome medusa head planter, as well as a fairy and a cherub. If you’re into that sort of thing.


Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.34.02 PMBust Planters – busts come off as very aristocratic and Victorian to me. These are a great way to create a sophisticated space inside and out. Here is Emperor Caligula, and also the philosopher Socrates


il_570xN.671593931_jaaxBronze Human Skull Planter – this gem is from one of my favorite etsy sellers, Delemorteco. My favorite thing about it is the legs! I love things with legs.

If you love the skull look, check out this diy skull planter DIY project.



  …and, dark in general:

Photo credit: Karol Franks / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Birdcage planters – I love the look of these and they never fail to remind me of the Addam’s family for some reason. I’d spray pant them a glossy black myself. I’ve always had a love affair with birdcages.

Urns – I see urns all over the place, I know you probably have too so I’ve not included a picture. These can easily be painted black or weathered to look ancient.

Here’s an idea:

…if you’re a bit witchy, check out this genius planter arrangement. Cauldrons are also a great idea for my garden. What do you think?


I’m going to continue to look for planters and pots until I’ve seen them all.  I’m looking for one that will really knock my socks off!