So the other day for my Date Night post, I took pictures of the water and the beach from the other side. Hinting that I wasn’t ashore, and that’s because I was aboard a naval aircraft carrier called the U.S.S Lexington. The Lex has been converted into a museum, so I spent a few hours wandering the ship and snapping pictures for you to see.IMG_3181IMG_3340

Mini history lesson because it’s a bit confusing: There were five total ships with this name. The fourth U.S.S Lexington (CV-2)  was struck by 11 Japanese torpedo bombers on the morning of May 8, 1942 during the Battle of the Coral SeaThat U.S.S Lexington sank, killing 216 crew members and evacuating 2,735.

Source: This image comes from the illustration files for Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison’s History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II

Tokyo Rose, the Japanese propagandist radio station, declared the Lex to have sunk four times total– each time returning to battle and eventually being nicknamed the Blue Ghost.

After the fourth Lex (CV-2) sank, the navy immediately deployed a ship with the same name to try to demoralize the Japanese. The surviving ship is the fifth ship to bear the Lexington name. This U.S.S Lexington (CV-16).


IMG_3217 IMG_3220 IMG_3303 IMG_3312IMG_3299 IMG_3250 IMG_3315 IMG_3336

There were so many mannequins aboard — in every room, almost! The U.S.S Lexington is said to be haunted. I did see a few humans in the rooms with the mannequins. At least, I think they were human.  IMG_3230  IMG_3216 IMG_3262 IMG_3332  IMG_3180 IMG_3195 IMG_3197 IMG_3224

The steps inside were crazy steep, it was rough! The next day my whole body was sore. More so my arms, for grabbing onto the rails in fear of falling lol. IMG_3278 IMG_3231 IMG_3326 IMG_3219 IMG_3226 IMG_3271 IMG_3207 IMG_3300

This is the only part of the ship I didn’t get to experience; as a child I went to the very top but was unable to this day because I had to leave. I have one more local museum I want to visit sometime soon; it’s actually an aquarium… it’s been a while since I’ve visited!

If you want to learn more about the history of the U.S.S Lexington, please visit the wikipedia page.




  • The mannequins make it look so freakin’ creepy! BTW great job with the #BEDM challenge. It’s a lot of work.