What’s In My Bag?

The Haunted Housewife - What's in my bag?

My bag is Betsey Johnson’s All At Sea tote that I was lucky enough to get my paws on with Poshmark. I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere else or I’d totally link you to it. It’s go a snazzy front pocket which is probably my favorite feature, along with braided chain handles.

Inside my bag lives…



A: Betsey Johnson Rose Aboard wallet I believe I picked up in person at Burlington Coat Factory but it looks like there are a bunch of them for sale on Ebay if you’re interested! It has at least a dozen card slots and a zipper for change in the middle. I love it!

B: Vampire Hello Kitty tin, that at one point contained sour cherry bat candies. Now I fill mine up with Aleve because I get migraines like nobody’s business. I need to be prepared for them.

C: Coach Robyn* sunglasses, prescription of course, and the case they came with.

D: My keys with a zombie kitty keychain. He’s truly a zombie, too. He has ripped a few times and I’ve sewed him back together. I can’t lose him! The attached remote is for my home’s alarm system.

E: A tiny turtle I found in the pocket of my bag, I don’t remember where it came from!

F: Various wipes kidnapped from wing restaurants that I’ve gone to with other people, they come in handy when I need them. Don’t call the cops on me! I’m your son!QmbW8HN


G: Baby Lips lip balm in Quenched*, my lip balm of choice!

H: Black cat pen that screeches when pressed and has blue glowing eyes! I think I picked this up at Spirit Halloween a few years back.

I: Rohto Hydra eye drops*. These are cooling eye drops, which is a weird sensation. If you like weird sensations in your eye, this is the product for you!

J: Black emergency hair tie. We’ve all got at least one of those.

…and that’s what’s in my bag! It’s been interesting googling the things I keep in there, actually! I also want to know what cool things are living in your bags so please link me your blog post or video in the comments! 🙂



May 19, 2015