Girls: Quick-Start Guide to Shaving Your Face

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Razors to the face. 🔪

My reasons for taking a razor to my face are purely superficial.  Shaving your face not only removes the fuzz, but also exfoliates your skin. My favorite part: it helps your makeup glide on smooth. We’re talking airbrushed.  ✨

Bubble-bursting myth: shaving absolutely does not cause your hair to grow back thicker, darker or fuller.


Professionally,  shaving your face to remove dead skin and hair is called dermaplaning and is usually performed by a esthetician in a salon using a scalpel. It’s completely painless and quite satisfying to watch; check it out yourself by lurking the #dermaplaning hashtags on Instagram. They shed the skin like snakes do! 🐍


Why? The benefits of shaving your face include:

  • A smooth, youthful glow: A good ol’ fashioned exfoliation that leaves your skin dewy and glowing.
  • A flawless makeup application: The removal of peach gives way to a smoother service for your makeup application, without obstacles. No peach fuzz halo in your pictures. Any moisturizer or beauty serums you use will do a better job at penetrating your skin, too.
  • Bonus: Have you noticed men age really well? I’m beginning to think the routine shaving might have something to do with that. It just makes sense.


Partly because I trust no person enough to get that close to my face with a blade, and the fact that I’m into the whole “Beauty on a Budget” thing,  I shave my face at home, with my own two hands.

It’s Simple, I Swear 

  1. Wash your face
  2. Pull your skin taut
  3. Gently, with the razor against your skin at a 45 degree angle…
  4. …stroke in short, downward motions everywhere you wish to shave. I do this all over my face
  5. Wash your face again
  6. Apply lotion. I love to use Cetaphil’s moisturizer (affiliate link).
  7. Don’t do this too often, once every 4 weeks or so will do!

Some important things to consider

If you’re allergic to nickel (as I am!) talk to a dermatologist about it first or test on a small patch on skin before going crazy. If you’re acne prone (as I am!) be very careful.  If you’ve got moderate to severe acne, proceed with extreme caution and I highly encourage talking to a dermatologist before trying this at home!

An Even Quicker Start

This post is an older one; yet I was delighted to stumble upon PopSugar’s video on the same subject on Facebook! Since you’re reading this, I thought it would be useful for you:

These days, I’m a face-shaving veteran and I needed you to know how magical it was. Please remember to take all necessary precautions, and never touch a razor when you’re feeling particularly murderous.🔪

Enjoy your smooth sailing (and skin!), everyone. 🚤


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  • Jessica Volke

    Hahahaha OMG this is AWESOME!!! I was intrigued at the title so I just HAD to read it. This is definitely something to think about! VERY cool post lady! 😛

  • Okay I totally have one of the razors in the photo! 😛 I haven’t used it in forever … perhaps I will go shave my face today. Ha! 😛


    • Yesssss, try it! Your skin is going to be as smooth as a baby’s booty lemme tell ya!

  • Those razors are literally the only reason my eyebrows arent small forests on my face. Waxing has never gone well for me but 5 minutes with a razor and good pair of tweezers does the job!

    • Surprisingly, I don’t touch my brows! They hardly grow. Yours are perfect, I’m jealous! 🙂

  • Wow… dermaplaning. I learned a new word today and a beauty procedure I have never heard of. I know that shaving doesn’t make hair thicker it’s just an optical illusion but I’d never do it because I am too clumsy to risk getting close to my face with anything sharp ( except tweezers, ofcourse) :)))