World Market Halloween ’15

World Market is one of my top in-person places to shop for Halloween goodies! They’ve always got some rad stuff, and this year doesn’t disappoint! 
    The vultures are hideous; I love it!
  Jack-O-Lantern wind chimes are on my shopping list. I’ve also found bat wind chimes at another place, but I’ll post about that later!
  The Frankenstein and Bride stuff is back this year, and while most of it is melamine (plastic… I am not a fan…) the small saucers and mugs are ceramic! I picked up the saucers and am completely in love with them! The melamine items, I skipped.
  These skull storage containers are super important to me right now; I’m re-doing my skull makeup brush holder tutorial and I’m going to show you how to do it mess-free. All you need is one of these babies and a can of spray paint. Don’t pass these up! Get at least one of them!
    I ended up getting these! Aren’t they adorable?
    These skull mugs are glass and are on my shopping list, too!
    I’ve taken my skeleton animals from last year, and spray painted them gold to match my decor. I’ve got the cat and the bird, I may or may not pick up the doggie too.
These aren’t Halloweeny by any means; but as a girl with a Disney Villains tattoo sleeve, I felt compelled to take a picture anyway. 🙂

See anything you like? I saw a ton. So much, in fact, that I would have gone broke if I had gotten it all that day! I’m going to have to stagger out my World Market visits this season. 😉 sig2

September 24, 2015