World Market is my second favorite place to shop for Halloween decor. I’ve probably been in an out of there 25 times between the end of June and now, waiting for them to start putting their stuff out!

The kitchen items are my favorite; the bowls, plates, trays, spoons, cookie jars are all high-quality and awesome. Such a win!

I was obsessed with those wax fangs when I was a child. I’m glad to see they’re still around! I bought a whole box of them online 8 or 9 years ago. I’m a grown up, but I still like to goof around.

They have a sticker book and a Day of the Dead adult coloring book. I haven’t followed the trend of adult coloring books just yet, but when I do, this is a need.

This is the spirit board I was talking about in Monday’s Spirit Halloween post. I apologize for the awful picture; I took a better one but I can’t find it on my phone!

One of the items on my wishlist for World Market is this unique set of dog skeleton lights! I’ve never seen them before and I think they’re adorable. Usually with something I haven’t seen, I have to have it.

The skull jars you see on the second shelf to the bottom are the ones I spray paint and use as makeup brush holders. 

That Jack O’ Lantern wooden wind chime caught my eye. I prefer the sound the wooden ones makes over the metal ones. They had a black cat one on the other side!

Their Halloween stock has included these Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein items for a few years now; I have friends that are big fans so this is the time to shop!

And, of course, being World Market they’ve got a great collection of spooky wines to choose from. 😉