World Market Halloween ’17

[Please keep in mind any sales or discounts you see in the following photos may not be valid due to the date the photos were taken. The stores in your area may carry different items, and they may stock their Halloween merchandise at different times. To see what I found in stores last year, click here.]

World Market may be my second favorite spot to hit up for Halloween decor. Or third? 🤔 It’s hard to keep track, but it’s definitely a favorite. I’ve been waiting patiently since June to see some evidence of spooky something when I walk in there. That happened finally, can I get a hell yeah? 🎃

World Market is the place to go for unique Halloween treats and snacks. They’ve also got a great selection of spooky-themed sodas and wines, if that’s your thing. Stock up now, and impress your friends and family for the entire year!

Live the goth dream! You could be the ultimate scream queen (or king!)☠️

I’m mostly joking, but I’m sure that’s a thing people do. Just, not me. Probably not you, either. But it’s a nice thought. 😎

My roommate recently broke a Frankenstein’s monster plate I picked up here last year. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy; but it is just a plate after all. I didn’t use the shattered pieces to get my revenge but the thought did cross my mind briefly. Hey, another nice thought. 😎

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Frankenstein’s monster plates this year. They also didn’t have the paper pulp skull jars which is an ultra-super-mega bummer for those following this tutorial for a DIY skull makeup brush jar.

We’re a clever bunch so we will always find another way. The good news is, they did have the skeleton dog string lights again this year. See, sometimes we do get second chances!

I’m also really loving this table set up. This I could see in my house; I’m feeling the vibe.

As you can see, World Market has plenty of quality items. They usually put all of their Halloween inventory out at the same time, so I don’t think there will be many updates to this post. I’ll pop in there every once in a while just in case.

As predicted, I want everything. 🙃 Must… practice… self… control… !!!

September 2, 2017
September 11, 2017